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  • September 14, 2023 1 min read


    Ozinna Anumudu, a trailblazing entrepreneur, has journeyed from Lagos to the global fashion capitals, establishing herself as a beacon of innovation and style. As the founder of Ozinna.com and the creative force behind TSC Agency Nigeria, Ozinna’s multifaceted talent is phenomenal. In this episode of The Look, she takes us on her sustainable styling journey. 

    Her passion for self-expression and style, ignited by her mother’s glamorous fashion choices, gained momentum when she moved to Paris at 16. Yet, Ozinna’s influence extends beyond her impeccable style. She has a remarkable talent for curating outfits, empowering women, inspiring confidence, and promoting African fashion. Her journey as a fashion curator and entrepreneur began unexpectedly in 2014 with strangers approached her at an NYSC camp to praise her fashion choices.

    Ozinna Anumudu- The Fashion Connector

    Recognising a potential market demand, Ozinna saw the need to connect women with African fashion brands, leading to the birth of Ozinna.com in December 2016. A platform reflecting her style and a testament to her unwavering commitment to making women feel confident, empowered, and authentic through their fashion choices.

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    Ozinna loves an excellent and versatile statement outfit. It’s no wonder she chose this as #TheLook. Watch her episode later today and let us know your thoughts!

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