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    We are a home-grown, independent social enterprise with focus on fashion, lifestyle and culture. We offer new and exciting ways to experience the best in fashion from West Africa and across the globe. With focus on style, identity and authenticity; we delight in spotlighting the evolution, inspiration, and outcomes within the Nigerian fashion industry. We seek to inspire all who take pride in indigenous creativity, and offer convenience for shopping through our curation of the very best collections from Africa. We work as a team that is socially empowered and with the goal to make even more meaningful, the relationships between people and the clothes that matter to them.


    Ozinna Anumudu is a Nigerian entrepreneur with brand and communications expertise, with daring style and a knack for Nigerian fashion brands. She is the founder of Ozinna.com and communications agency, TSC Agency, Nigeria. 

    Widely travelled and familiar with the very finest of global fashion and passionate about the Nigerian fashion industry, Ozinna’s diversified experiences in fusing branding and fashion has solidified her as an industry tastemaker and trailblazer.

    Inspired by a mix of her innate fashion insight and advocacy for self-expression, she serves as the lead curator for Ozinna.com, exploring identities through timeless and trend setting pieces that are reflective of heritage and adventure. Ozinna’s unique taste in fashion has positioned her as a style icon just as she continues to inspire a community of individuals to be confident, creative and their most authentic selves. Ozinna lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


    Ozinna.com is a virtual concept store with a high level of interest in Nigerian fashion brands. The platform features products and content that seeks to build a community of confident, self-aware and self-expressive individuals. We offer an international standard shopping experience at the tip of your fingers.